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Concentrate strong detergent solution for washing and cleansing surfaces contaminated with organic materials



 Has high stain removing power-

Concentrated with affordable price-

With pleasant odor-

No corrosive and discoloring effect-


Instructions for use

For general cleaning, dissolve 10 to 20 cc of the concentrate solution in one liter of tap water. Then spray it on desired surfaces and clean them. You can also spray the solution on clean napkins and then wipe the surfaces.

To wash very dirty surfaces, dissolve 50 to 100 ml of the solution in one liter of preferably warm water and pour over the surface. Wait a few minutes for the impurities to be softened and loosened. Then clean the surface. After that, rinse the surface or wipe with a clean cloth.



 Cleansing the surfaces smeared with blood and secretions after removing blood-

 General cleaning of floor surfaces, walls, furniture, glass etc-

 Washing and cleansing of fats and organic contamination on very dirty surfaces such as kitchen hoods-



sulfonic acid, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, diethanolamin, etc.


handling and storage

Store in a dry space at the temperature of +5 to +35 °C.



- Avoid contact with eyes and swallowing.

- Seek medical attention immediately after ingestion.

-wear gloves when applying.


Effect range
removing fats, proteins and organic residues

Half-liter bottle and 4-liter gallon

Confirmed by Arak Food and Drug Administration

Expiration date
3 years in the concentrated and unused state