Dermosept W

Antibacterial skin cleansing solution, based on 4% chlorhexidine



Patients' body washing solution for bathing before surgery to reduce surgical wound infections as well as hand scrubbing for surgeons by hand washing method.

Surgery is one type of invasive treatment. Failure to adhere to the principles of skin and hand preparation for surgeons and operating room personnel prior to surgery can increase the risk of wound infection. In this regard, using special antiseptic compounds for washing and scrubbing skin and hands, are recommended prior to surgery.



- Compatible with skin and mostly without allergic effects

- In compliance with European Standards EN1276 and EN1275

- Affects on a wide range of bacteria, fungi and covered viruses

- Has a lasting effect on normal skin flora for more than 3 hours

- Ready to use


Method of using

- As an antibacterial detergent for body washing:

Pour some of the solution (about 25 ml) onto a soft sponge, make a good foam, and scrub all the body surfaces from neck to down for 3 to 4 minutes, then rinse. Avoid using rough sponges.


-For scrubbing the surgeons' hand by "the washing method":

Using the standard procedure for "surgical hand washing" according to WHO, scrub your hands for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse with hygienic water.



4% chlorhexidine gluconate, ethanol, non-ionic detergent, skin softener, deionized water and permitted additives



Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, viruses as HCV, HBV, H1V1, HIV


Handling and storage

- Store in a dry environment at +5 to +35 °C.
- Do not keep it near heat and sunlight.
- Keep the lid closed.



- Avoid contact with the cornea, meninges, and middle ear.

- In the case of accidentally swallowing, refer to a doctor

- Only for external use and on healthy skin.

- Keep out of reach of children.



Half liter bottle and 100 cc bottle



- Certified and registered with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education - narcotics and Drug Supervision Bureau.

- Certification from Tehran University of Medical Sciences

 -Tested in accordance with European Standard EN1275, EN1276


Expiry date:

2 years after production