Dermosept P Plus

Specified Solution for surgical prep based on Isopropyl Alcohol and Chlorhexidine 2%

Skin disinfectant solution, suitable for preparation of skin in surgery spot. Surgery is one type of invasive treatment. Failure to adhere to the principles of skin preparation prior to surgery can increase the risk of wound infection. In this regard, using alcohol-based antiseptics, specially prepared for surgical skin disinfection, are recommended according to the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) guidelines prior to surgery.



- Easy to use and affordable

- Compatible with skin and without allergic effects

- In compliance with European standards EN1276 and EN1275

- Has chemical composition recommended by CDC


Method of using

First, clean the skin of obvious external contamination. Then soak the surface with the solution and rub for at least 60 seconds according to the standard method. Allow at least 3 minutes to dry thoroughly. Make sure the solution does not spill over the surrounding area of surgery spot.



isopropyl alcohol 70%, chlorhexidine gluconate 2%, anti-inflammatory compounds



Effective on a wide range of bacteria, mycobacteria (TbB,…), fungi and viruses (HBV, HCV, HIV, H1N1,…)


Handling and storage

- Store in a dry environment at +5 to +35 °C.

- It is a flammable solution. Keep away from heat sources.



- Strictly avoid contact with the cornea, meninges, and middle ear.

- Do not use for children less than two months old due to absorption and skin allergies.

- Do not use in patients who have allergy to chlorhexidine or isopropyl alcohol.

- Do not use for spinal surgery or lumbar puncture.

- Do not use for open sores or as regular detergent.

- Before using an electric cutter or electronic devices on the operation site, completely dry them.

- Be careful not to spill the solution around the operation site.

- Only for external use and on healthy skin.

- Avoid spraying it on the flame.

- If it accidentally was swallowed, refer to doctor.

- Keep out of reach of children.

- Keep the lid closed.



In 100 ml, half-liter bottle




- Certified and registered with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education - narcotic and Drug Supervision Bureau.

- Certified by Tehran University of Medical Sciences for no allergenic effect

 -Tested in accordance with European Standard EN1275, EN1276


Expiry date:

2 years after production and if it was opened, could be lasted for 6 months after that