Dermosept Plus

An alcoholic antiseptict for hygienic disinfecting of hands and surgical scrub

.The Dermospect+ formula is based on the latest researches so that it can be both a disinfectant with a very wide microbicidal range and with minimal skin irritations.



 Fast acting (effective in 30 seconds)

Effective on a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses

Contains skin emollient

No skin dryness and dermatitis in the case of frequent use

Pleasant and gentle smell

Stable antimicrobial effect on normal skin flora


Method of using

- Hand hygienic disinfection

Pump 2 to 3 cc of the solution on the palm of your hand then rub both hands together so that between fingers, back and palm of hands up to the wrist are smeared with the solution. Allow the solution to dry on the hands skin during rubbing for 30 seconds.

- Surgical scrub and surgeons hands

Disinfect your hands and forearms in three steps. In each step, smear your hands with 6 ml of the solution and rub for 1 minute, cumulatively. Avoid hand rinsing after using Dermosept+ solution.



ethanol, isopropanol, benzalkonium chloride, glycerin, dimethicone and aloe vera extract and other authorized additives


Effect range

Gram-positive and negative bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, viruses such as HCV, HBV, HIV, H1N1


Handling and storage

- It is a flammable solution. Keep away from sunlight and heat sources.
- Store at +5 to +35 °C.

- Avoid inhaling and swallowing the solution.
- Prevent contamination from out of container.
- Avoid spraying it on the flame.



100 ml, half-liter and 1 liter bottles with pump, 5 liter gallon



Certified and registered with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education - narcotics and Drug Supervision Bureau

Certification of no creating skin allergy from Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Tested in accordance with European Standard EN1275, EN1276, EN1500, EN12791


Expiration date:

Three years after production and if it was opened, could be lasted for 6 months after that.