Surfosept Foam

Ready to use foam spray for surface cleaning and disinfecting.

SURFOSEPT foam spray can be used to disinfect alcohol-sensitive surfaces such as medical equipment surfaces, infant incubators, sonography monitors and probes, and general surfaces (furniture and devices). It is also suitable for routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces that have grooves and pores.


  • Compatible with various alcohol-sensitive surfaces
  • No stain on the surface
  • Simultaneous cleaning and disinfection
  • User-friendly, Ready to use
  • Pleasant and gentle aroma
  • Suitable for equipment comprising “display screen”



Based on alkylamines, nonionic detergents


Effect range

Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, effective on enveloped viruses, with a contact time of 2 minutes (Tests according to European standard EN1040, EN1275, EN1276)


Method of Use

The product is ready to use. Spray it on the desired surface and clean the surface with a clean towel. After 2 minutes the surface is safe and ready to apply.


Handling and storage

- Keep away from heat sources in a cool dry space.

- Store at 5 to 35 °C

- Keep away from children access



- Wash off with plenty of water in the case of eye contact

- If swallowed, don't provoke the person to vomit. Request medical consultation.



Bottles of 500 ml, 750 ml and 4 liters



Confirmed by Food and Drug Administration Ministry of Health and Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Expiration date

2 years after production.