Surfosept Quick Plus

Efficacious Ready to Use Alcoholic Disinfectant Spray for Medical and Dental Surfaces  



SURFOSEPT QUICK + is an alcohol-based ready-to-use disinfectant solution for rapid disinfection of small setting surfaces and medical equipment requiring rapid and strong disinfection such as surfaces which are in contact with patients e.g. patient beds, dental units, surfaces of medical equipments in clinics and laboratories, metallic surfaces of medical diagnostic tools such as otoscopes, handle of laryngoscope and nursing station surfaces.



- Ready to use

- Fast-Active (effective in 30 seconds)

- Mild and pleasant odor

- None corrosive

- Has a stable antimicrobial effect


Instructions for use

1- Direct spray method:

The solution is ready to use and dilution is not required. Clean the surface from visible contaminants (blood, saliva and body secretions, etc.). Then spray the solution on it and wipe the surface with a clean cloth. After 30 seconds, the surface will be disinfected.

2- The method of wiping a cloth which smeared with the solution:

clean the surface from visible contaminants (blood, saliva and body secretions, etc.). Then spray the SURFOSEPT QUICK+ onto a clean cloth and wipe the surface. After 30 seconds the surface will be disinfected.

Note: This product is not suitable for alcohol-sensitive surfaces such as Plexiglass.



isopropanol, DDAC, ethanol, authorized additives and deionized water



bacteria, fungi, effective on HIV, HBV, HCV, H1N1 viruses in 30 seconds and Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TbB) within1 minute.


Handling and storage
- It is a flammable solution. Keep away from light and heat sources
- Store in a dry environment at +5 to +35 °C.
- Avoid mixing solution with other chemicals.
- Store in closed containers in standard conditions.



- The solution is not compatible with Plexiglass surfaces

- Strictly avoid spraying it on a flame

- Avoid contacting with eyes and swallowing

- Avoid spraying on electric and electronic devices

- If swallowed, don't provoke the person to vomit. Request medical consultation.


500 ml containers with a spray pump, 750 ml containers with a spray pump, 4 liter gallons.



- Certified and registered with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education - narcotic and Drug Supervision Bureau.

- Confirmed by Tehran University of Medical Sciences

 -Tested in accordance with European Standard EN1275, EN1276, EN1040


Expiration date:

3 years after the production date; six months after opening the door