Surfosept Instrument

Intermediate-level disinfectant and cleansing concentrated solution for medical and dental instruments



Intermediate level disinfectant concentrated solution suitable for medical, surgical, anesthetic, dental and laboratory instruments by immersing in ultrasonic bath or manually clining. No corrosive effect.



- 7 days use life

- Has simultaneous disinfectant and cleaning effect

- Suitable for medical and dental instruments as well as autoclavable laboratory devices

- No acidic vapors to hurt the respiratory system

- Contains anti-corrosive materials to protect against corrosion

- Applicable in ultrasonic cleaner machines


Instructions for use

Wear suitable gloves before use. Prepare the SURFOSEPT INSTRUMENT solution at the following recommended concentrations. Immerse and brush tools considering the concentration and contact time in solution. After the end of the immersion time, rinse the tools with running water.

At 2% dilution for 15 minutes contact time

At 1% dilution for 30 minutes contact time

At 0.5% dilution for 60 minutes contact time



amphoteric microbicidal compound, didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, Benzalkonium chloride, Fatty acid ethoxylate, EDTA, deionized water.



Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, Mycobacteria, fungi, enveloped viruses (HIV, HBV, HCV)


Handling and storage
- Store at +5 to +35 °C
- Avoid mixing solution with other chemicals.
- Store in closed containers in standard conditions.



- Avoid contact with eyes and swallowing

- Wash off with plenty of water in the case of contact with eyes

- If swallowed, don't provoke the person to vomit. Request a medical consultation.



250 ml, one liter, four liters containers



- Certified and registered with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education - narcotic and Drug Supervision Bureau.

- Certified as non-corrosive material by Razi Institute of Metallurgy,

-Microbial Evaluation on Mycobacterium by Razi institute

- Tested in accordance with European Standards  EN1040


Expiration date

In concentrated and unused state: 3 years after production and in diluted state if stored in container with lid in accordance to the instructions: up to 7 days